Saturday, November 1, 2008

Ward Fall Festival

The ward had a very fun fall festival the Friday before Halloween. They had a chili cookoff and trick or treat (was supposed to be trunk or treat, but was changed indoors because of rain). Michael and Noah went as Dr. Evil and Mini Me. Michael begged me to do this costume last year, but I refused because I had a cuter idea. In my refusal, I somehow managed to make a deal with him that he could do it this year. Now, let me tell everyone here and now, that I hate Austin Powers movies. Behind any horror movie ever made, Austin Powers is probably my least favorite movie of all time. I tried to back out on the deal by trying to do a family Wizard of Oz theme, but when Noah refused to wear the lion costume we had for him (and by refused I mean ran away screaming anytime it was brought out), my fate was sealed. I had to sew these costumes in less then 2 days with no pattern, going off a photo. Also, my sweet boy got his head shaved (not all the way thank goodness). But, despite it all, the costume turned out pretty cute. Lyna dressed as her original idea, Dorothy and I went as the oh so clever ultrasound machine, which you are welcome to go see a photo of on my sister-in-law's blog if you feel you need to. I cooked a pretty good pot of chili, if I do say so myself, but sadly it did not come home with the prize. I will be trying again next year!


Karly:) said...

Ohh My Goodness Gracious!
You did Dr. Evil and Mini Me!!

I love you sis!
Misss ya!
Call me sometime!

Heather said...

that is just precious! I LOVE dr evil and mini me! SOOO DANG PRECIOUS! sorry, i know this was forever ago! i miss ya!


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