Monday, March 8, 2010

More Park Pictures


We thought that Lucas might have allergies like Alyna, but as he grows older it is seeming that he probably doesn't, or atleast they are not nearly as serious. Here are some photos of him very much enjoying his first Dorito.

Park Day!

We are loving the great weather lately, so you can expect lots of park posts in the future.

Would you like some butter with that?

This is what I turned around to the other day as I was making dinner...

Honestly, the photos do not even do it justice. There was an entire package (yes 4 sticks!) of butter smeared everywhere on my kitchen floor. The rest of the mess was him getting things out of cabinets and smearing butter on them as well. I spent quite a lot of time cleaning this up, only to bust my behind on it later! But, on the bright side my floor has never been shinier and as my stepfather pointed out, we could play some hockey if we wanted to!

It almost compares to this mess...almost.

Dinosaur Museum

The other day we got to go down to Norman to visit the "dinosaur museum", also known as the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. We had so much fun and were so excited to see some long lost Norman friends there!! The kids love the ride the dino-vator (a clear elevator that puts you face to face with the largest dinosaur they have there), so we usually spend a good amount of time riding the elevator. They also really love to pretend they are being stepped on by this giant mammoth statue, I love little kids' imaginations.

Ready for Church

I took these the other day before we left for Church (it was one of the few days we weren't running out the door to try and make it on time).

The Gator

A new favorite pasttime at my Mom's house has become driving the John Deere Gator around the property. The Gator is kind of a cross between and 4-wheeler and a pick-up truck. The kids absolutely LOVE this thing and ask to ride it everytime we go over. Noah is especially a fan considering his love for anything and everything John Deere.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Family Photos

Here is a link to view our family photos we had taken recently!


(Photos taken by Alex Blaine)

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