Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour Tonight!

Please participate if you can!!

Park and Library Pictures!

Some finshed sewing projects!

Some things I have been working on lately...

New Washer and Dryer!

Well, after over a week without, we finally have a new, working washer and dryer!! When we moved into this house there were existing ones. Problem was they were from the 1970s and the dryer was so loud! It sounded like a 747 flying through the house and my ears were always ringing after shutting it off. But, they both worked fine, so we decided to deal with them. Well, then the washer decided to break. So, we decided to be frugal and buy some off of Craigslist. Bad idea. They broke after the first use. So, finally we bit the bullet, went to Lowe's, and got some new ones. I am so glad to finally have them working to that pile of laundry!

Easter Sunday

My mom and sisters were able to come down and visit for Easter Sunday. Lots of visitors that week!! We loved getting to see them and had lots of fun on Easter. Here are some photos.

Cute Babies!

I had to share this adorable picture of the kids. I had put them down on the bed to nap. We have a king sized bed and one was on the far right side and the other on the far left. I came in an hour later and this is how I found them, so sweet!

Trip to Austin!

After Kathryn flew back home, we decided to head down to Austin for a few days for spring break. We really love it down there. We did so much while were were down, shopped, flew kites, went to the parks, went to the children's museum, ate (oh man did we eat, you have not had food until you eat at local Austin restaurants!). Here are a few photos from the trip.

This one is Lyna nursing her baby at the children's museum. I love how wonderful of a mommy she is to her baby dolls. She is so cute!

Trip to the Dinosaur Park!

We had the opportunity to go visit the Dinosaur National Park that is about 45 minutes south of us while Kathryn was visiting. We had so much fun, what a cool place! We were able to see the dinosaur tracks and the kids had lot of fun playing the water. At one point Lyna's shorts got wet and she decided to just drop her pants right there and continue on playing. Luckily she had a fairly long shirt on and it just looked like she had a bathing suit on, funny girl! If you ever have to chance to go see this park, I highly recommend it!


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