Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ward Talent Show 2009

We had the ward talent show last Saturday. Alyna chose to sing "I Lived In Heaven" and did really well, we were pretty proud of her. Noah was very much wanting to participate as well and did end up going up to the microphone during intermission and treating us to a rousing rendition of "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang", but unfortunately I did not get a video of that. He loved performing and had to be carried away kicking and screaming (and I mean that in the literal sense). Here are some photos and the video from the evening.

And I am sure bringing this up on every post is going to get super annoying soon, but when you have spent the last 4 years watching your child's every movement so they don't accidentally eat something and end up in the hospital or worse, it is a BIG deal, so I feel the need to post about it often. The best part of the night? This...

After 4 years of ALWAYS bringing something to parties, ward activities, etc. etc. for Lyna to eat, I left the house with nothing! She ate cookies that someone else provided and was totally fine! It was pretty exciting and she of course loved the cookies!

Monday, February 16, 2009

36 Weeks

Yeah I know, I have grown a LOT in the last couple of weeks. It's insane! This boy is taking up so much room in there, my ribs are killing me...I am so glad I am only have a month left!!!

Valentine's Outfit Again!

Here is the finished product on Alyna, she loves the twirly-ness!

Swimming in Heart Cookies!

I had volunteered to make cookies for a church service project and wanted to make something festive for the holidays. I had NO idea how big these cookies were going to turn out (they really did rise a lot!) or that there was going to be so much batter. I felt like we were literally swimming in cookies and pink frosting!

Now to the cool part about these cookies. Here are some photos of Lyna enjoying her big heart cookie she had helped make. Lyna eating a cookie, not such a big deal, it happens pretty often actually, but Lyna eating cookies with dairy and egg in them, BIG DEAL!! No reactions and she totally enjoyed the cookie!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Thankful!

Tonight, like most Saturday nights, I had a million things to do. I feel like my list is always so long trying to get everything ready for Sunday, especially now that we have 9AM church. I also had volunteered to make cookies for a service project, had some sewing projects I wanted to finish up, and the list goes on. As I was running around trying to get everything done, the kids were playing all around the house. I needed to iron my outfit for church in the morning, so for a minute I was standing still long enough to really hear my children. I can always "hear" them in the sense that I am listening for any screaming or choking or anything serious in nature, but this time I was really hearing them. They were playing a game with some red and blue note cards making homemade blueberry and strawberry pies. Each of them were being pie bakers. That is not what struck me though, as that kind of imagination is pretty normal for them. What struck me was how well they were playing and interacting together. At that moment, I felt an intense gratitude for my children and for their love for each other. They play so well together and always have a good time. Sure, they have their moments just like any brother and sister. Moments where one is bothering the other or whatever the current crisis is, but for the most part they are best friends. Lyna is always quick to help Noah in the things he isn't quite big enough to do and she is Noah's idol. He looks up to her so much, follows her, mimics her, wants to do everything she does (with a few trucks and trains thrown in as well of course). As I sat listening to them laughing and playing, I realized that yet again the dynamics in our house are going to change. We will be adding another baby and it is almost a little scary, as it is hard to imagine how another one could possibly fit into their beautiful friendship. But, I am sure the Lord will bless us with another amazing spirit that will only touch and enrich their lives, another sweet pie baker to join in on their games and laughter.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Just some photos of our Valentine's Day!

We also received some great Valentine's cards and gifts from some grandmas and grandpas. Thanks so much, the kids loved everything!

Some Sewing...

Here is Lyna's Valentine's/New Spring Church Outfit I made this week. I have been seriously lazy on the sewing recently, so I was so glad to have a finished project. I will get a photo of the whole outfit on her tomorrow!

And if any of you sew (or have friends or family members you can bribe to sew for you lol) and are looking for some seriously cute patterns, you have to go look at www.youcanmakethis.com. Seriously some of the most adorable things ever there and they are all pretty beginner friendly for those of you looking to get started. I think they actually sell a beginner's sewers tutorial as well!

A Short Break From The Cold...

We were so lucky last week to have a few nice days. It was a welcome break from the cold and snow. One day it got pretty warm, around 65 degrees or so, so we decided to take advantage and go to the park! The park was soaking wet everywhere from the just melted snow, but we did not care. It was so nice to be outside. The first set of photos are of Lyna on the monkey bars. Last year, she almost had them and was doing a couple by herself, but still couldn't go all the way across. She got up there and tried this time and went all the way across the first time!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Noah's Birthday Party

Noah had a ton of fun on his birthday. He loved all of the wonderful gifts he received (thanks a bunch to those of you who sent gifts from out of town too!) and loved getting to eat lots of cake!! Here are a bunch of photos from the day!

Snow Day!

We have been having a ton of snow dumped onto us recently, which might be kind of fun except that is so so cold outside that it s almost unbearable to actually go out into the snow. But, the other day, after being couped up inside for too long, we decided to majorly bundle up and brave the frigid temperatures to get some fun out of this stuff! I put on pretty much every piece of clothing in our closets and went outside. It didn't last a whole long time, but we did have fun and the kids seemed to enjoy the fresh air. I have an old pair of skis that were mine when I was a young kid, so the kids played on those a bit (although I didn't get any photos of Lyna skiing). They also made snow angels and tried to sweep the snow! All in all a pretty good time!


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