Saturday, September 6, 2008

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

McCauley Hot Springs

We went up to Jemez Springs, NM on Labor Day to do some hiking. It was really beautiful up there! We wanted to hike up to McCauley Hot Springs and then fork over to a waterfall in the area. We thought this hike was ranked an "easy" so we figured taking the kids would be no big deal. We consider ourselves pretty good hikers and let me tell you this is not an "easy" hike. It wasn't horrible, but most of the way up to the Springs is slick and steep, not a good combo with children. So, Michael ended up carrying both kids in the packs most of the way and I carried our supply bag. It was a long hike up there, but once we got there it was totally worth it. The Springs were beautiful! Sadly, after the much longer hike to the Springs then we had anticipated we had to scratch our plans to go to the waterfall due to time and exhaustion. We found a cute little restaurant to eat at on the way home. All in all a pretty fun day!

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