Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had some great fun on this year's Halloween. Friday night we were able to go down to Norman for a trunk or treat down there. It was fun to see old friends and the kids got way too much candy! This year we had Batgirl, Batman, and of course Robin!

Saturday night we did a bit of trick or treating around the block. We didn't do too much since we have so much candy from Friday, but we had fun and the kids loved it! Lucas was especially funny to watch as he got the hang of what exactly we were doing!

Since Halloween fell on a Sunday this year, we didn't do much celebrating today, but we did have a fun Halloween "feast" when we got home from Church. It included caramel apples...

Mummy dogs...

and Bones and Blood (breadsticks and marinara).

The kids got a big kick out it and these were all so easy to do!

Halloween Family Home Evening

Last week we did our annual pumpkin carving family home evening. This year, the kids painted pumpkins and Michael and I each carved one. Mine was really simple and Michael's took all night long! But, it turned out really neat! The photos really don't do it justice, getting good photos of Jack O' Lanterns is SO hard!

The Piedmont Pumpkin Patch

This last week we were able to go to The Piedmont Pumpkin Patch with our ward playgroup. This small town pumpkin patch is really awesome! They had a fun science and math lesson (did you a pumpkin will always float no matter how heavy it is?), a story time, a little train ride, and some great snacks! We also got to take home a lot of pumpkins for carving and painting. The kids really loved this place and I thought it was a lot of fun as well!

Disney on Ice

Last month during the Great State Fair of Oklahoma we were able to attend Disney on Ice. The kids had so much fun, especially Lyna seeing all of the princesses! All of the Disney princesses were in attendance, save Sleeping Beauty, we still can't understand what happened to her that night...maybe she was sick?!? I didn't take very many photos, as we were actually watching the show, but here are a couple...

The Science Museum

One thing I love about living in Oklahoma is their science museum. While Ohio has one of the best science museums out there, I find it kind of a pain to go to since it is right smack dab in downtown Columbus. The OKC museum however, is very accessible and still incredibly fun, the kids love it. It is always nice to have a place to go on hot, rainy, etc. days!

Soccer Happenings

Alyna started her first year of fall soccer this year. She has had a lot of fun and scored several goals! She has played in about 6 games now with her team, the Ladybugs, and has a couple more before the season end. Michael and I have been really proud of her, she is very dedicated to it. Here are some photos of her in many different games...

Blog Slacker

Sorry I have been so terrible about posting. Shortly after my last post, we found out we are expecting our 4th little one. I got really sick (again) with this one and blogging got put to the bottom of the priority list. I am going to try and be better. I will be posting a bunch of updates in the next little bit. We really didn't do much this summer at all. I was so sick that we honestly hardly left the house, so most of the updates are going to be from fall. Anyway, our new little one should be here around March 9th, 2011, which means I am over halfway there, woo hoo! I am feeling much better now and just excited to get through this busy holiday season and have a sweet little baby. We also found out a few weeks ago that this new little "it", is actually a new little BOY! Lyna took it much better this time around, although I think there was some disappointment. But, all of the kids (except Lucas, who doesn't much understand what is going on) are very excited to welcome another child into our family, as are we!

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