Sunday, September 20, 2009

Some Recent Portraits...

of the kids I have taken, enjoy!

Luke's New Trick

Apple Picking

We were able to go apple picking as a family recently. Let me tell you, I am now convinced Ohio has the best apples ever. They are so good, so good that we have 50!! lbs. in our fridge. Here are a few photos...

Ward Labor Day Cookout

Here are a few photos of the recent ward Labor Day cookout that we had. It was so awesome, the food was great, the weather was great, we could not have asked for more. I mostly post these though so you can see just how well kids adapt, pretty good movement for a girl with a broken leg eh?

This is my niece Juliet, look at those beautiful baby blues!

Football Season is Upon Us!

The day before opening day of football season for both of our favorite teams, I realized that Alyna had no football gear that would fit her and that the boys only had Ohio State. So, knowing that it would not do, I burned the midnight fuel that night and whipped up some fan gear. I made the boys' OU shirts and both of Alyna's outfits. It was actually so fun! Here are some photos of my kiddos ready for the games (and yes we switched fan gear halfway through the day haha).


Aren't these some beautiful cousins?? (And sorry Lucas for leaving you out).

Alyna's First Primary Talk

A couple of weeks ago, Alyna finally gave her first talk in primary. She has been wanting to this for some time and was so excited when she finally got her little wristband indicating that she in fact was responsible for the talk. She did such a good job, I was totally impressed. Here is a copy of her talk...

On our family vacation to Utah this summer, I got to do something really special. I got to go into the new Oquirrh Mountain Temple and attend the open house. It was really neat to get to go inside a Temple. Some of the things I got to see in the Temple were some really pretty rooms and chandeleirs. I loved seeing all the pretty paintings on the walls. I got to see lots of the Temple rooms on, but one very special rooms that I got to see was called a Sealing Room.

This room is where families are sealed together forever. We got to sit down in the Sealing Room while a family told us how important the sealing ordinance is. I am so happy that we have the blessings of the Temple and that someday I will get to go back to the Temple and go inside again, but that time it will be to participate in special ordinances like Sealings, myself. I am thankful that we can be with our families forever. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Day of School and First Cast

So, here is what we came home from vacation with...

Yes, she broke her leg! She was jumping off my dad's front porch and just fell wrong and snapped her leg (and if you remember last summer vacation Noah cut off his finger, so yeah we don't have such good luck on vacation). She was in the above splint for 2 weeks. She had her first day of kindergarten, we are doing it online at home through Ohio Virtual Academy and we are loving it. The curriculum is so awesome and she has already learned so much. Anyway, that same day she got her first cast, here it is...

So, she had that cast for about a month and then we got this cast (the white is glow in the dark)...

And she had that one for a day and then got this one...

They didn't get her foot positioned right, so we had to go in and get it redone. She will have this one for 4 weeks and then into a boot for 4 weeks and some physical therapy and then we might be done with this mess!

Kansas City Visitors Center

On the way home from Utah we were able to stop at the Kansas City visitors center. The last time we decided to "stop by" the visitors center it was closed for renovations. So, we were really excited that it was open this time.

Trip to Utah

This summer we were so excited to get to take a trip out to Utah to visit family. My little brother was getting baptized, so we decided to head out for that. We did some boating and a lot of hanging with family, we had so much fun. We had one small mishap (post coming on that), but other than that it was awesome. Here are some photos...


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