Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our Other Baby

We had to take some pictures of our other baby, our 17 week old American Bulldog pup, to send in to get him registered so I thought I would show those off. He is such a sweet pup, his name is Bodhi.

Lyna Playing Around

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Hanging Out At The Library- June 28th, 2007

This is just a post to say how much we enjoy our local library. We make a trip there about 3 times a week, if not more, to go to story times, music times, craft times, and special concerts (we also go to get books!!). They have so many activities going on and even when there are no "special" things going on they have a wonderful and large play area for the kids, so there is always something to do there. Our library is so nice and I really appreciate those that make all of these great activities possible, we have a lot of fun!
Monday, June 25, 2007

Gymnastics- June 25th, 2007

Lyna had end of the session evaluations this week and did excellent! She is really improving and has a lot of fun!

Kelsea's Going Away Party- June 24th, 2007

We had a party last Sunday for my cousin Kelsea, she will be leaving this week for basic training to attend West Point this fall. She will be playing softball there. Good luck Kels, we are so proud of you. To see updates on Kelsea go to GO ARMY! It was great to see many family and friends!

Omniplex- June 23rd, 2007

We spent this last Saturday at the Omniplex in Oklahoma City. We have a membership so we try to go often. They opened up a new exhibit recently dedicated to gymnastics. A part of that exhibit is a small gymnastics area complete with mats, beams, and more...needless to say we had a tough time getting Lyna out of there, she really loved it! We all had a lot of fun!

Kids Playing Together!

Here are some pictures I got of Lyna and Noah playing together. We have been so blessed to have children that have made having a second child very easy. Lyna is so good with Noah and is always helping him, playing with him, and entertaining him, she is such a big help!

Father's Day 2007

Here are some pictures that I took of the kids to put in a frame for Daddy for Father's Day. My kids are really lucky to have such a wonderful Daddy! They (as well as I) love him very much.

Some Pics of Noah

Okay, camera cord dilemma solved, so lots of posts coming your way.

Here are some shots I got of Noah in his Bumbo seat. He REALLY likes this seat! It's great for mommy too as it gives me somewhere to put him when I am doing other things! And there is also a shot of Lyna as well (just for fun!)

A Small Update!

So, I haven't updated this for a while, I seem to have misplaced my picture downloading cord for my camera and so there won't be any more pictures until I can get that found or replaced (hopefully soon!). Everything is going well. It has been raining a lot here which has made our backyard pretty much unusable, so thats no fun. But, it has started to get hot so I think the rain will stop soon. Other than dealing with the rain, we have been doing lots of trips to the library, Omniplex, and Grandma Debbie's house. Hopefully I will get some new pictures up in the next few days!
Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun in the Sun- June 9th, 2007

We went to Grandpa Randy and Grandma Debbie's house to spend the day swimming and playing. Lyna is doing much better with the swimming pool lately and will even go in by herself as long as she has her life jacket and her "butterfly wings" (arm floaties) on. She does really well kicking and getting wherever she wants to go. She is not as brave as Randi Kay who will jump off the diving board, go down the slide, and her new favorite thing, "eureka cannonballs". She especially likes when Michael comes and swims because they continuously go off the diving board and down the slide. We had a lot of fun and afterward we went to Karly's dance recital, she did great.

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