Monday, January 31, 2011

Noah's 4th Birthday Party

This year Noah decided he wanted a Batman and a Chuck E. Cheese, we did a Batman at Chuck E. Cheese party. We had some family and friends come and had a great time (thanks for coming guys!). We were lucky that the nasty weather did not arrive until after we left. Noah got all kinds of great gifts and was very sad when we got home too late for him to open them and play with them. Needless to say, after eating pizza, eating cake, opening presents, and then playing tons of games, he was one exhausted birthday boy!

Happy 4th Birthday Noah!!

Happy birthday to my sweet little Noah!! I cannot believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. 4 years ago today I was holding one of the most beautiful little blond haired, blue eyed boys I had ever seen. Noah has been such a joy to our lives, constantly bringing laughs and happiness to our home. He is such a sweet spirit. He loves superheroes, but talks constantly about how the only real superheroes are Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He is such a well behaved little one and in the last year has become much more of a helper as well. He loves to help his little brother do things and can't wait for the new baby to come. I am so happy that we were chosen to be your parents Noah, we love you so very much!

One of my friends does the cutest thing for her kids' birthday and conducts a little interview with them. I thought this would be fun so here are Noah's 4 year old answers...

I am - happiest
I am afraid of - the dark
I like - scary creatures (he prefaced this afterward by adding he only likes them when they are not real and in his dreams)
I like to eat - donuts
I don't like - brown on chicken
I know - giants are not real
When I grow up I want to be - an animal, a cheetah
I like to watch - cheetahs at the zoo running around
I like to go - to the mall at Texas (the Galleria)
My hero is - Jesus and Heavenly Father
I cry when - I want something back or I got hurted or it's not the food I wanted
Mom gets mad at me when - the other day
Mom is happy when - I don't sneak stuff (Noah is notorious for sneaking sweets and hiding them)
I want to be- Superman
I can't wait for - my party at Chuck E Cheese
Something Mom says to me -"Don't sneak stuff"
Something Dad says to me - "You boy!!! " (when he sneaks stuff)
My favorite stuffed animal is - cheetahs, lions, and tigers
My favorite place to go is - New York City (not sure where this came from, he has never been there haha)
My Mom and Dad make me laugh by - tickling me
I know my mom loves me because - she hugs me
I know my dad loves me because -he tickles me

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Lyna got roller skates for Christmas (which she loves and is learning really fast on), but today Lucas decided to try them out. It was pretty funny watching him with the huge helmet trying to figure out to work them!

Enjoying the "Winter" Weather

Yesterday, we had one of the best days ever. It was absolutely beautiful here. 75 degrees and sunny. We spent all day playing outside soaking up the sun! Unfortunately, we have some nasty weather coming for a couple days now, but I am so thankful to have had these last couple days of wonderful weather!

Lyna decided that she wanted to spend her nice day cleaning up the this my child??

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spiritual Foundations FHE

For FHE last night, we learned about building strong spiritual foundations. We of course had to pull the legos out for some building and the kids really wanted pictures of their mega tower they built. They were super excited that it was taller then them! Lucas did not want to help in the community tower, so decided to do his own thing instead. Unfortunately, he is not as fast at scooping up legos, so his tower wasn't quite as big, but still very awesome!

Science Museum

Last Saturday, we were in a bit of a cold spell here and needed to get out of the house, so we headed to the science museum. This place is so awesome, it is a great place to take the kids. Here are some photos of our fun time!

Here are few photos that you can see my big belly, I am about 34 weeks in these photos! I can't believe how fast time is flying. I have a lot to do before this little one arrives, so stay in baby!

Christmas 2010

We had such a wonderful Christmas this year, we are truly blessed. Christmas morning was spent opening presents, presents, and more presents. The kids loved all of their gifts and watching the happiness on their faces was awesome. I received a Roomba vacuum cleaner and let me tell you, it is the best gift ever! I set it to run at night and in the morning I have clean floors, so awesome! Now, I just need the mopping one too and I will be set :-) After we had our Christmas at home, we headed over the Grandma and Papa's house and had a great time opening gifts there and spending time with them. We are so incredibly blessed, what a great ending to 2010!


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