Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween 2007

It was been a fun Halloween for us! On Saturday, we went to a local trick or treat with a lot of our friends from Church and then today we went to the library and to trick or treating at Grandma and Papa's house. It was a lot of fun and I think the kids are officially trick or treated out (until next year that is!). Here are some pictures...
Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Tonight, we had some friends over for dinner and FHE. We had tacos for dinner and then a lesson about sharing. Michael taught the scriptural part of the lesson about how the Nephites shared their land with the Ammonites. Then, we read "The Rainbow Fish" and the two children old enough to understand (we had two babies there as well) received a little fish to remind them to share. After our lesson, we carved pumpkins together. Michael and I have never carved pumpkins in the duration of our marriage, so it has been over 5 years, probably more, since I have done this. Michael did the top and I did the face. I think ours turned out alright considering neither of us are very good pumpkin carvers! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed having friends over!
Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cupcakes and Cookies

I signed up to make cupcakes and cookies for our ward's Oklahoma Centennial Day of Giving service project. I had bought some cute cookie cutters and decorating bottles from Pampered Chef a bit ago, so I decided to take the opportunity to try my hand at some simple decorating. I was pretty proud of myself afterwards (even though my husband was quite annoyed with the mess I had managed to make during the process), so I thought I would post some pictures. So, here are some pumpkin chocolate cupcakes and some mummy chocolate chip cookies!

My Little Pony Live!

Well, my mother and stepfather were kind enough to provide us with tickets for My Little Pony Live this weekend! It was a lot of fun and Lyna and Randi Kay had fun dancing around and watching the show. They also treated us to a terrific dinner beforehand at Mickey Mantle's and a horse and carriage ride to the actual show (which was a couple of blocks away). Here are some pictures!

Pumpkin Patch

We went to the local pumpkin patch on Friday for playgroup and to pick out some pumpkins to carve for FHE this Monday night. We had fun, although Alyna wanted to leave quickly because we had "My Little Pony" that night (more to come about this soon). Anyhow, here are some pictures I took of our short stay there!

Finally Done!

I started taking sewing lessons two weeks ago and decided my first project was going to be making my children's Halloween costumes, Little Bo Peep and her sheep! It took a lot of time and hard work, but I am finally finished! Here are some pictures, check back next week to see the full costumes (face paint, shepherd's crook, etc.), but here is a little preview!
Friday, October 19, 2007

We took a trip to P-Bar Farms last night for some fall fun! They have this super cool corn maize that they do a different design every year. They also have a petting zoo, laser tag, pumpkin patch, karaoke, etc. We had a lot of fun! We walked through the maize once with the little kids and then the order kids went through it again after dark when they do the haunted maize! Here are some pictures...
At the end of the night, the girls (Alyna and Randi Kay) decided they were going to do some karaoke. It was a room full of people and they were just performing away, everyone thought it was pretty funny! Here are some videos of our little stars!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Blast From The Past...

While looking at some old pictures, I found this old video of Alyna and thought I would post it for fun.
Monday, October 15, 2007


For FHE tonight, we had a lesson about Following Christ. We used this template. We learned about why we follow Christ and what things we can do to follow him closer. For our activity, we played follow the leader which Lyna loved! It was really fun! For our snacks we are having banana bread. Here are some pictures of Michael and Alyna playing follow the leader (we all played, but someone has to take the pictures!)
Sunday, October 14, 2007

Our Playroom!

So, we redid the kids' playroom when we moved into the new house in May and I didn't ever get around to posting pictures of it. So, I figured I would do it now. This was a big project and we were really excited with how it turned out.

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