Monday, February 16, 2009

Swimming in Heart Cookies!

I had volunteered to make cookies for a church service project and wanted to make something festive for the holidays. I had NO idea how big these cookies were going to turn out (they really did rise a lot!) or that there was going to be so much batter. I felt like we were literally swimming in cookies and pink frosting!

Now to the cool part about these cookies. Here are some photos of Lyna enjoying her big heart cookie she had helped make. Lyna eating a cookie, not such a big deal, it happens pretty often actually, but Lyna eating cookies with dairy and egg in them, BIG DEAL!! No reactions and she totally enjoyed the cookie!


Em Dog said...

OH, I just got all teary eyed reading this entry! Maybe Clarkie will one day able to eat a cookie, too! Thanks for sharing! LOVE!

grace said...

so awesome! the cookies look yummy! i didn't get to eat many valentines treats...they didn't sit well. so great that lyna can eat those now! so she's grown out of the allergies or it's the treatments?

HOWARD'S said...

YUM! They look so good! Again, how is it possible for her to eat them without a reaction?


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