Sunday, February 1, 2009

Snow Day!

We have been having a ton of snow dumped onto us recently, which might be kind of fun except that is so so cold outside that it s almost unbearable to actually go out into the snow. But, the other day, after being couped up inside for too long, we decided to majorly bundle up and brave the frigid temperatures to get some fun out of this stuff! I put on pretty much every piece of clothing in our closets and went outside. It didn't last a whole long time, but we did have fun and the kids seemed to enjoy the fresh air. I have an old pair of skis that were mine when I was a young kid, so the kids played on those a bit (although I didn't get any photos of Lyna skiing). They also made snow angels and tried to sweep the snow! All in all a pretty good time!


grace said...

cute! I WISH we had snow. The weather here is mild. Cool & temperate. I guess I can't complain too much.


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