Saturday, February 14, 2009

So Thankful!

Tonight, like most Saturday nights, I had a million things to do. I feel like my list is always so long trying to get everything ready for Sunday, especially now that we have 9AM church. I also had volunteered to make cookies for a service project, had some sewing projects I wanted to finish up, and the list goes on. As I was running around trying to get everything done, the kids were playing all around the house. I needed to iron my outfit for church in the morning, so for a minute I was standing still long enough to really hear my children. I can always "hear" them in the sense that I am listening for any screaming or choking or anything serious in nature, but this time I was really hearing them. They were playing a game with some red and blue note cards making homemade blueberry and strawberry pies. Each of them were being pie bakers. That is not what struck me though, as that kind of imagination is pretty normal for them. What struck me was how well they were playing and interacting together. At that moment, I felt an intense gratitude for my children and for their love for each other. They play so well together and always have a good time. Sure, they have their moments just like any brother and sister. Moments where one is bothering the other or whatever the current crisis is, but for the most part they are best friends. Lyna is always quick to help Noah in the things he isn't quite big enough to do and she is Noah's idol. He looks up to her so much, follows her, mimics her, wants to do everything she does (with a few trucks and trains thrown in as well of course). As I sat listening to them laughing and playing, I realized that yet again the dynamics in our house are going to change. We will be adding another baby and it is almost a little scary, as it is hard to imagine how another one could possibly fit into their beautiful friendship. But, I am sure the Lord will bless us with another amazing spirit that will only touch and enrich their lives, another sweet pie baker to join in on their games and laughter.


Jessica said...

Love this post. Love you. Love your kids!

jeanine said...

Don't you just love that?! It makes my day when I hear my boys playing so nicely together... or William teaching James things... so sweet!


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