Monday, April 21, 2008

First Prayer!

Okay, not really her first prayer, but her first prayer in primary. Yes, that's right Lyna gave her very first closing prayer in primary, which is her first time to do anything in front of everyone in primary. She was SO excited to be asked to do it, she talked about it so much beforehand. I was a little nervous that once she got up there, so would get nervous and shutdown, but she proved me quite wrong. Daddy helped her (and since it was kind of a milestone, mommy was there too) and she did fabulous. She spoke loud and just did so good, we were so happy for her and she was very excited! I can't believe how old she is getting on us. She is really growing up fast!


Jessica said...

Oh Wow! Good job Lyna! You looks so beautiful in her little dress too.

Heather said...

HOw darling! great job! soo soo sweet! it is soo cute when they start doing those things in primary! I LOVE IT!


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