Sunday, April 6, 2008

Earth Hour

We participated in Earth Hour last week. It was really fun to turn off all of the electricity and just spend time as a family. Here are some photos of what we did. For the record, it looks like the lights are on, but they aren't, my flash is just that good on my camera (love my new camera!). Oh and the thing Michael is walking on is called a slackline...its a hobby of his.


Jessica said...

You guys are really so much fun. I really miss you. Okay, I know I commented on all your new posts, is that weird.

Heather said...

He looks good at it! ooh you guys are soo cute! my heavens!!

and I am loving your new camera too! you are the BESt picture taker! by the way I LOVE the bottom of your screen with all that collage of pictures! HOW DARLING!!!! LOVE IT!

Eli Darrow said...

FYI, slacklining made the Wall Street Journal the other day. The article was about extreme yoga slacklining though. Also, I jumped up on a line someone had set up on campus the other day - sadly the balance wasn't quite up to par, but the hippie crowd was still impressed (they were amazed that a frat guy could slackline).


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