Sunday, April 13, 2008


So, we have been without power for a few days! We woke up to no power on Thursday morning. Apparently, as a big storm blew through Wednesday night a transformer blew and caught our neighbor's tree on fire! When Michael woke me up Thursday morning to tell me we had no power, I thought for sure it would be back on by the time I got up for the day (he leaves the house a couple of hours before the rest of us wake up), but no such luck. The horrible part about all this is that Wednesday night I had been reading a bunch of articles about why we should have our food storage (which we do not have, but I have resolved to do better on) and then I wake up the next morning to no power! For a split second, the irrational side of me freaked out a bit at the the thought of the world as I know it ending and us not having our food storage!! But, that passed quickly and I figured it would be on soon. The weather was beautiful, so it wasn't too bad the first day. But, the night before we had just bought a ton of meat and put it in the fridge, so I was getting really nervous by Thursday afternoon. Luckily, right about that time our neighbor came by and asked if we wanted to plug our fridge into his generator!! What a blessing! I dug around in "Michael's garage" (I have no idea where anything is in there) and finally found enough extension cords to reach over to the neighbor's backyard. I also had to move our HUGE fridge out from the wall all by myself to get it to reach, ugh. But, we got it all plugged in and I seriously thought this could not go on much longer. We had company coming in that day, my friend Sam and her beautiful family, so instead of having the wonderful lunch I had planned for them, we had to go to Applebee's where there was power! Anyway, Thursday turned to Friday and still no power and FINALLY Saturday morning it came back on!! We were so so glad! We had a ton going on Saturday and having the lights back was such a blessing. Anyway, I have heard a few people say that this is relatively normal with our power company, but I am hoping they were kidding (although I don't think so). Hopefully it will be a while before another power outage, since this is the third we have experienced this year!


Heather said...

I am soo sorry that happened to you guys! i can't believe that! you are amazing! that would make me crazy!!! i am glad you guys are alright though!

The Pattons said...

Oh, that's so hard.
Utilities are just a constant in our minds... This winter we had a frozen waterline in our town. While repairing it, the water company broke a gas line! So, we had no water OR gas (HEAT) for 3 days! Luckily, the convection oven was able to cook all our meals. ;) And, we had an electric space heater.

Callie said...

You guys have had such bad luck with the power... sounds like the ice storm revisited!
I bet you are glad it is all working now! Crazy.

Jessica said...

Man, that just stinks. But I'm glad that your meat doesn't now stink.


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