Monday, February 22, 2010

Prince and Princess Ball

Last Saturday the kids and I attended a Prince and Princess Ball put on by one of the local Churches in town. This activity was SO fun! I am so glad we went. The kids got to dress up fancy. They were announced as they came in and had their photos professionally taken. Then they were escorted to their seats where they colored while others were seated. They then were given a super cute lesson on manners and etiquette by the Frog Prince. They were given these super cute placemats to help them learn how to set a table. They were served some yummy snacks as well as some cake! They also had crafts (making wands and crowns) and games (find the pea under the pillow and fighting the dragon). This event was so well planed, we had a great time!


jeanine said...

Oh my goodness how fun is that?!

Jessica said...

Where did you get those adorable blue blazers for the boys? They really do look like little miniature princes.


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