Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Daddy Daughter Dance 2010

Michael took Alyna to her first Daddy Daughter Dance this weekend. I made a special dress for just for the occasion and Daddy brought her flowers and they were off to the dance! They had a great time and Lyna thought it was the best thing ever! Here are a few photos...

And when we looked in the local paper today we discovered they were famous dancers! There were my two sweeties on the front page of the paper! Lyna was SO excited when Michael showed her the paper, what an awesome extra treat!


Kathryn the Great said...

Great pictures, and how cool to be front page celebrities! I'm so glad I got to come see you guys.

Harvey Family said...

First of all that dress is AMAZING! You are so dang talented. And second, how CUTE! I love that Michael took your sweet girl to a dance and to top it all off get in the paper. SO SWEET! Something she will remember forever.


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