Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Little Gingerbread House That Couldn't...

Like my creative title? It was either this clever one or "Big Huge Disasterous Mommy Fail" pick. So, I went grocery store shopping today. It was a mad house, but my kids were being awesome and I mean seriously awesome, all 3 of them, when does that ever happen? I hardly knew what to do, I was fighting off the impulse to yell at other people's children just because I wasn't yelling at my own (okay just kidding there, but seriously it was wonderful, I wish I could have bottled it up and saved it for another day!). Anyhow, we walk in the store and the VERY first thing we see are these beautiful Gingerbread house kits. The picture on the front was amazing and for this brief stint of time I forgot the fact that I hate Gingerbread houses. I don't really hate the houses themselves, at least the finished ones, I hate the process. It is sticky and gooey and and just a pain really. So, in my lovely Christmas daze I lost all of my common sense and I bought one of these beautiful kits. The daze continued throughout the shopping trip, mostly because I felt on cloud nine that I hadn't once had to give any of my children "the look" or threaten eternal punishment on them. We got home and decided to pull out this beautiful kit and make what would for sure be the BEST gingerbread house anyone has ever seen. Bad idea....really....bad....idea! Yeah it was a huge Mommy failure. Alyna tried with all her mite to help me while Noah stole pieces of candy to eat and even took a bite out of the top of the cute little Christmas tree. And then there was Lucas...screaming, grabbing for frosting, screaming, getting down, screaming, getting up, did I mention the screaming? Yeah it was not my best moment and in a moment of pure frustration I walked away. Leaving my children to devour the rest of the candy and icing (who eats that stuff, gross!). So, the moral of the story= NEVER again. If one of you wonderful real super moms out there would like to someday adopt my children to make a beautiful gingerbread house, please contact me. But, I will never again attempt it. So yeah, I think I get an "F" on this little project, or maybe an "E for Effort" (WAY too much effort!).


Jessica said...

Okay, that is so hilarious! I still think you are a super mom. I'm sure any mom who manages to make one of those things look great, must do it after the kids are asleep. Seriously! If I ever attempt one it will be with nonedibles. Then I can thought that was icing, it's glue. Next time listen to Mommy.


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