Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Stockings

Here are some photos of the stockings I made this year. I have wanted to make matching stockings for us in previous years, but couldn't ever decide what to do. I needed something relatively easy and also something easy to replicate for any future children. So, I found this idea on the internet and loved it. For Annie (our dog) and the adults I just improvised, but for the children there will be one decoration added every year (something they really like this year). For example, Alyna has been really into ballet this year and Noah is obsessed with the number 4 (he says its his favorite number and he even sings his own rendition of the ABC song with the number 4 taking the place of the letter G). Since my two older children have already had a few Christmases I went ahead and added things for them from previous years as well. Anyway, here they are!


jeanine said...

what a fun idea!

Kathryn the Great said...

That is hilarious about Noah and the number 4.

Jessica said...

That is an awesome concept for the stocking, it will be fun over the years.


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