Saturday, June 13, 2009

Trip to Georgia

A couple of weeks ago we were able to go down to Georgia for Michael's sister Jocelyn's high school graduation. We had a great time visiting family and celebrating with Jocelyn. She is off to BYU this summer and we are so proud of her. Way to go Jocie!

And here is a photo of Jocelyn and her brother John performing a duet for the family. Jocelyn has a beautiful voice and John is a very talented musician.

While we were in Georgia, we were able to go hiking one day. I neglected to bring with me any good hiking shoes and this proved to be a pretty difficult hike, but the view was well worth it.


Emmy Slusser said...

I am about to faint. . I remember when Jocelyn was born. BYU!!!?? WHAT!? When did THAT happen!? WOW!
Great post, Kensie!

Jessica said...

These are such beautiful pictures. I really wish I could have been there with you guys.


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