Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lucas James Malmfeldt's Baby Blessing

On Sunday, June 7th, we were able to bless our sweet son, Lucas. It was a beautiful day and a beautiful blessing. Afterwards, we were able to have a luncheon with friends and family. Thanks to all those who participated in Luke's special day.


Sam said...

Aw, Kens, he is so cute!!!

Did you start a photography business, by the way?! I miss you - email me or something, it'd be fun to catch up!

Heather said...

HOW darling! OOH my gosh! what great pictures!!! you look gorgeous! I LOVE your dress! oooh how great! blessing days! the best! xoxo
he is soo precious!

Laura said...

love the matching!!! (since i missed seeing you all together before the kids changed). i'll have to solicit your help in cutting down a grown up tie for sam. i've had a matching one for him for a year and still haven't figured out how to convert it yet.

Harvey Family said...

what a sweet family! and you all match :) too cute!


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