Thursday, February 28, 2008

Church Bags

So, after years of pacing the halls with my children during church, we have finally found a solution!! We tried these for the first time last Sunday and for the first time in a long time, Michael and I got to sit through ALL of our meetings (except for a nursing break for Noah). AND, it was ward conference, so Noah sat in the same pew the entire time and did SO well! It was so awesome! So here are our successful church bags!!! Each child brings their bag to Church and we hang them up on the outside hook until Sacrament Meeting (we have our other meetings first here) and then they get them when we are ready to go in. Each child will get a bag at one year old (or so is the plan!). Also, the kids don't get to play with these any other time them for Church, so it kind of helps keep up the novelty.

Inside Lyna's bag is an I-spy bag, two sister missionary little people, two mini-stuffed animals, a mini -file folder binder with 10 games and one laminated white piece of paper to color on with dry erase markers, a snack sack, two puzzles, two books, an etch-a-sketch mini, and two picture card books.
In Noah's bag is two missionary little people, two mini-stuffed animals, a Noah's Ark hand puppet book, two books, two picture card books, a snack sack, and diapering supplies.

Another thing that has helped tremendously is sitting in a pew next to the wall. We used to always sit in the chairs in the back, but it is too hard to contain a child that way. So, now we get there early and reserve one of the small side pews for our family. Then one parent can help them get things out of their bags, play with them, entertain, etc. and the other parent can block the only exit!


Heather said...

First of all, DID YOU make those bags? OH HOW CUTE THEY ARE. second... where did you GET all those supplies!? those are GREAT toys to play with! I LOVE the sister missionaries! SOO CUTE!!!

What a great idea,. I HEAR you on the sitting by the wall... that TOTALLY helps out!!!

i do books ONLY for church, and stuff ONLY for church, so they don't see them all WEEK long, and then are happy to see them again at church.

One book that is AWESOME to use is those water pen books (though when they run out of water... problem) but, just run the pen over and the pictures show up! SO CUTE< and reusable! love them!

sorry this is soo long! thanks for the POST!

Callie said...

Those bags are WAY cute... a bag was the best thing we ever did with Thomas (and also sitting in a pew by the wall). Although my bag is not nearly as cute or organized, but it does the trick. Another thing I put in it was a train travel magnet set that comes with different backgrounds, etc. Playing with that lasts longer than anything!

Kensie said...


We have one of those magnet travel sets, I think I will throw it in too!! Thanks for the idea.


I SO wish I could make bags like that (and I might be able to if I actually had time lol), but I didn't make them. I got them here
and the name embroidery comes with the bag, so you don't have to pay extra...and they have SO many choices of bags. I figured that's good so each child can have a different bag and I don't think we will be having any more children then there are bags lol! I got the little missionary sets at the Dallas LDS Bookstore, aren't they fabulous?? I was SO excited when I found them!! I think that bookstore is owned by Deseret Book, so they might have them at one of those too. And I love the water pen book idea, I will have to look for those next time I am at the store!!


jeanine said...

Kensie! I can't believe that you found our blog! How fun. Your church bags are SO cute! I love that each kid has their own bag!

Charles, Jessica, Cole & Juliet said...

Those are really cool.


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