Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Business of Being Born DFW Sneak Peek

Noah and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Business of Being Born screening in Frisco yesterday. There was a great turnout, so many that not everyone had a seat!! The movie was fabulous, very heart wrenching at times and also very joyous at times, it was a roller coaster and was beautifully made. Afterward, there was a panel discussion with some local birth professionals. They did a great job answering questions. What stood out to me the most though as I listened to question after question was the consequences of the horrible cesarean section rate in the United States. I listened to woman after woman asking about VBAC, telling their stories of unnecessary c-sections (and a few necessary), crying even, because of the emotion and depression that comes along with it. It was so hard to watch. Being a mother of a child who was born via necessary c-section, I am very thankful for that medical procedure and the opportunity it gives to save those little ones who would not be able to make it on their own. But, I cringe that now 1 in 3 woman in our country give birth via c-section. There is no reason for this. It is appalling and downright scary. Anyway, I hope that this movie will educate woman about the choices that are available to them and help them to be able to make informed and educated choices about their childbirths. Here are some photos from the event.


Charles, Jessica, Cole & Juliet said...

That sounds great. I'm sure seeing Noah in his Happy VBAC baby shirt gave everyone some hope. Looking at your slim hips and then looking at Noah, they probably thought, "Hey, if she can do it, so can I!"

jeanine said...

I didn't know you had a VBAC. I felt like they didn't give me a fair chance with William when they rushed me to a C-section. I tried a VBAC with James but he had a prolapsed cord at the very end so it didn't work out. Who did you find around here willing to do a VBAC?

Kensie said...


The only way to get a good chance of a VBAC in OKC in my opinion is to go to the nurse midwives at OU medical or do a homebirth with a qualified midwife. The OU midwives are fabulous, wonderful, can't say enough good things about them. I had Ann Stewart and she was so wonderful. The first meeting I had with her and I referred to myself as a "VBAC" she immediately corrected me and said "In my eyes, you are just a vaginal birth" really helped my confidence. I also know for a fact that they will take on VBAC2Cs there, so if you decide that is something you want to do, I highly recommend them. Anyway, please feel free to e-mail me anytime ( if you ever want to talk about it. I know how hard it is.



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