Monday, October 15, 2007


For FHE tonight, we had a lesson about Following Christ. We used this template. We learned about why we follow Christ and what things we can do to follow him closer. For our activity, we played follow the leader which Lyna loved! It was really fun! For our snacks we are having banana bread. Here are some pictures of Michael and Alyna playing follow the leader (we all played, but someone has to take the pictures!)


Kathryn said...

Loved follow the leader pictures. We do need some of you, too, Kensie, so, Michael, grab the camera.

The Slusser Family said...

Great Lesson! I will do this one, too! Also, thanks for your comments on my blog. I would LOVE any recipes that you have. It looks like Clark has an additional allergy. . . rice. So, that's no dairy, rice, eggs or wheat. Have anything to help me? I would be so grateful!!! Thanks so much! Love!
p.s. I think you have my home email - you can send it there if you'd like. Thanks!!!


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