Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cupcakes and Cookies

I signed up to make cupcakes and cookies for our ward's Oklahoma Centennial Day of Giving service project. I had bought some cute cookie cutters and decorating bottles from Pampered Chef a bit ago, so I decided to take the opportunity to try my hand at some simple decorating. I was pretty proud of myself afterwards (even though my husband was quite annoyed with the mess I had managed to make during the process), so I thought I would post some pictures. So, here are some pumpkin chocolate cupcakes and some mummy chocolate chip cookies!


Sam said...

these are SO CUTE Kens... you do the cutest things - this was the sort of idea that would be too cute for our preschool halloween party, but also more work than I wanted to do (and I want something Edelweiss can help with... that sounds like a good excuse to make something easy, right?)

Anyways - totally adorable, I love them!

Kathryn said...

Wow, those are almost too nice-looking to eat (but knowing me, I would eventually eat them).

Charles, Jessica, Cole & Juliet said...

Okay, can I just tell you that between these cupcakes and the absolutely stunning costumes that you made for the kids, you have been elevated to the level of domestic goddess in my book. I was just proud that I managed to get costumes for both kids that fit and put them on them. Cool stuff.

grace said...

those are great kensie!!!


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