Sunday, April 3, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Lucas!

Happy Birthday to my sweet Lucas!!! I cannot believe 2 years has gone by SO fast. You have definitely been our most challenging little one, always full of energy and ideas for fun (read: messes). This year has been filled with quarts of lemonade across my floor, play dough in my living room, lbs. of flour spread through the house, butter on cabinets, and my personal favorite, an entire room finger painted blue. But, despite your awnry streak, your smile lights up a room and our hearts. It is contagious! You are trying hard to be just like your siblings, superheroes and all. You started in nursery at Church this year also and are finally, as of recently, going by yourself. You are so fun and you keep us on our toes! You give us joy beyond belief and you are truly a blessing from Heaven. We love you!



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