Sunday, February 6, 2011

Snow Fun

It seems odd to be posting pictures of snow play just days after posting pictures of my kids outside in shorts and t-shirts, but that is totally Oklahoma for you. I have heard a lot of people describe their state's weather as bi-polar, but seriously if you have never lived in Oklahoma you have no idea. 72 to 9 to 54...yeah it's crazy. I always have to have a pair of shorts in my kids drawers, even in the dead of winter, and vice versa. Anyway, a couple days after our beautiful weather, we got one of the biggest blizzards I have ever seen in Oklahoma. It dumped an incredible amount of snow on us, but thankfully no ice! The temperatures were way cold, so we didn't leave the house for a couple of days. The kids kept wanting to play in the snow, but with temperatures in the negatives, there was just no way. Finally, yesterday, it warmed up back into the 50s and melted a ton of the snow, but because we got so much there was still plenty to play in. We went outside and built a snowman and did all the traditional snow playing. The kids had a blast! And don't mind our ghetto "snow boots". We hadn't bothered to buy snow boots this year, lucky for Lyna she had a hand me down pair, but the boys weren't so lucky, but hey their plastic bags over tennis shoes worked great!


Pheobe said...

I never thought to use plastic bags! Brilliant mommy moment!


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