Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 4th Birthday Noah!!

Happy birthday to my sweet little Noah!! I cannot believe how fast time flies when you are having fun. 4 years ago today I was holding one of the most beautiful little blond haired, blue eyed boys I had ever seen. Noah has been such a joy to our lives, constantly bringing laughs and happiness to our home. He is such a sweet spirit. He loves superheroes, but talks constantly about how the only real superheroes are Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. He is such a well behaved little one and in the last year has become much more of a helper as well. He loves to help his little brother do things and can't wait for the new baby to come. I am so happy that we were chosen to be your parents Noah, we love you so very much!

One of my friends does the cutest thing for her kids' birthday and conducts a little interview with them. I thought this would be fun so here are Noah's 4 year old answers...

I am - happiest
I am afraid of - the dark
I like - scary creatures (he prefaced this afterward by adding he only likes them when they are not real and in his dreams)
I like to eat - donuts
I don't like - brown on chicken
I know - giants are not real
When I grow up I want to be - an animal, a cheetah
I like to watch - cheetahs at the zoo running around
I like to go - to the mall at Texas (the Galleria)
My hero is - Jesus and Heavenly Father
I cry when - I want something back or I got hurted or it's not the food I wanted
Mom gets mad at me when - the other day
Mom is happy when - I don't sneak stuff (Noah is notorious for sneaking sweets and hiding them)
I want to be- Superman
I can't wait for - my party at Chuck E Cheese
Something Mom says to me -"Don't sneak stuff"
Something Dad says to me - "You boy!!! " (when he sneaks stuff)
My favorite stuffed animal is - cheetahs, lions, and tigers
My favorite place to go is - New York City (not sure where this came from, he has never been there haha)
My Mom and Dad make me laugh by - tickling me
I know my mom loves me because - she hugs me
I know my dad loves me because -he tickles me



Pheobe said...

I really love the birthday interview idea! I might have to pick that idea up, too!

jeanine said...

Happy Birthday Noah!

I loved his interview answers! Cute!


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