Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday Alyna!

I really cannot believe she is already 4 years old, the time has flown by! She has been such a wonderful child, easy and always a ton of fun. I was so lucky to have such an easy first baby. She is now my little helper, always getting things for Noah. She is such a great big sister. In honor of her 4th birthday, here are some photos of the last 4 years!

Here I am the night before my sweetie decided to make her very unexpected entrance into the world. Born at 37 weeks and under less then ideal circumstances, she was a trooper through it all.

And here she is on her birth day. She weighed in at 4.14 and 18 inches long. She was a tiny thing. She dropped down to closer to 4 lbs. even before we left the hospital. I was so scared to take that tiny thing home, she seemed so breakable, luckily we did fine.

Here she is on her 1st birthday!

2nd Birthday!

3rd Birthday!

And last, but not least , here she is opening her birthday presents this year!

Happy Birthday my sweet girl!!


Harvey Family said...

She looks so grown up!

Happy Birthday Lyna!!

jeanine said...

Happy birthday Alyna!

Heather said...

FIRST OF ALL< You looked SOo precious pregnant with her! second, she is soo tiny! so so sweet!
third. ARE YOU SERIOUS WITH THOSE CAKES!??? GIRL! you NEED to give me some tips! i can NOT believe you!. well i can, because you are AMAZING at EVERYTHING! but, seriously with those cakes!? I LOVED Them all! you are amazing! what ON EARTH KENSIE!> WOW WOW WOW WOW!


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