Sunday, July 20, 2008

Noah's First ER Visit

We had Noah's first big boo-boo recently. On our trip back from Colorado, we decided to stop in Albuquerque. We had just got to the hotel and the kids were playing and I heard a horrible scream. I ran in and there was blood everywhere. Alyna had slammed the bathroom door (to stop Noah from getting in the toilet) and apparently his finger was in the hinge part. The door severed the end of his finger, it was horrible. We rushed to the ER and they sewed it back on, but weren't sure if it would survive. Luckily, the finger looks great now. He got his stitches out that other day and the doctor said it looks better then he has ever seen a finger amputation look, so thats good news!


jeanine said...

Oh no! The same thing happened to my aunt when she was little and her finger is fine... just a little shorter than the one on her other hand.

HOWARD'S said...

OH MY GOSH! Did you totally flip out. Probably not. You're such a good Mom. You were probably all cool, calm and collected. I'm glad he's doing good and his finger is healing well!

Kensie said...

Oh Marilyn!! I was SO the opposite and calm and collected. I had never seen an injury like that before, it freaked me out big time...hoping to never see anything severed again!


Heather said...

OH! MY GOSH!!!!!!!i can't believe it! how awful for you guys! i am sooooo sorry! you poor thing!!! that is just terrible!
poor baby! he is soo dang cute! what a doll! that little tiny cast! i can't BELIEVE that happened! i am so sorry!

grace said...

oh my goodness!!! how did I miss this post??? Hopefully Noah's finger is totally healed now.


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