Friday, May 23, 2008

Trip to Oklahoma!

We had a good time on our vacation to Oklahoma, it was good to get to see family and friends. First, I took the kids to the Yukon Children's Festival. This activity is so so neat. If you live close to there and ever have the chance to go, go! It is so much fun!

We spent a lot of time playing at Grandma Debbie's house and a lot of time at Grandma Sharon's house. The kids love having the pool at Grandma Debbie's and the wide open spaces at Grandma Sharon's, lots of fun!

Noah really liked this John Deere tractor at Grandpa James' house, taking after his grandpa! (Grandpa James loves John Deere and collects their products).
We also got to attend the Mother's Day Tea at Randi Kay's school. She performed so well and the cake they had there was delicious!

The Norman Public Library was another stop on our trip. This was exciting for Lyna because everytime we go to our Mansfield Library now, as soon as we leave, she asks to go back to the "Oklahoma library". This place is so so neat and I don't know that we will ever find a children's library better, it is just that good! We were lucky that both Melia and her kiddos and Marilyn and her kiddo could meet us there. Thanks girls! It was fun!

We headed to the zoo one day too! The new Oklahoma Trails exhibit is really neat!

We also went up to PC and helped Aunt J out with the garage sale. They were trying to sale this little motorcycle and Noah loved it!! He rode with Michael a few times (which I do have photos of, but they are on my Aunt's camera, she has a better zoom then I do!)

For Mother's Day, we went to Church with my Grandmother and then headed to the farm for a cookout. The kids had a blast out there!


Jessica said...

Okay, there were some really great pictures there. Thank you for posting them.

Heather said...

IT seriously looked like you guys had a GReAT TIME! how fun! I LOVE all the pictures! and, cool that place i have NEVER heard of, it looks like SO MUCH FUN! HOw awesome! you will have to tell me where it is located!!!!

YOu look beautiful! it was great seeing you! we miss you here in Oklahoma.. i wish we got to hang out more often when you lived here. I am still kicking myself!

Love you!

HOWARD'S said...

You guys look liked you had so much fun while you were here. I'm glad we got to see you but I'm not too excited about the picture :(!! Anyway, Thanks for sharing your grand adventures.

Kathryn said...

So many neat activities, so many terrific pictures. You all looked like you were having such fun. Thanks for sharing!


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