Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Daily Scripture Study!

For a long time I have been trying to find a good scripture study solution for the kids. We do evening family scripture study each night, but I have very much wanted to do something daily with the children that was a bit simpler and more on their level. So, for about a year, we have tried a few different things. We have tried focusing on one scripture at a time, reading out of the Church's "Scripture Stories" book, reading out of story books purchased at Deseret Book...we have done a lot. I was somewhat liking the reading of the "Scripture Stories" book, I liked that it used stories as I think my children listen better to stories and that it is written in simple words, but I didn't like that the stories were still pretty long for small children. I tried breaking them up, but it just didn't seem like that worked well either. There aren't many pictures in the book either, so that was difficult as Lyna likes to see pictures. Well, the other night, while searching www.lds.org, I came across the Gospel Art Kits. Now I have known about the Gospel Art Kits for years, they aren't anything new, but as I looked through them I realized how perfect they would be for daily scripture study. The pictures are colorful and interesting and the text that accompanies them has short summaries of each story, most are perfect length for young children. So, I went ahead and printed and laminated one as a test run. I printed the picture on one side and the text on the back. We did the the first Old Testament one today and it went over so well. I read the short summary on the back (for those of you with older children, the actual scriptures are provided as well.) and Lyna really participated well. Noah ended up sitting through the whole thing too, which was just an added bonus! So, I went ahead and printed some more out, laminated them, and punched holes in the top and we made a little area in our kitchen where everyday after we finish scripture study, we can hang the picture there as a reminder for the day of what we learned. I was so excited to find this fix that I thought I would share it here, just in case someone else is looking for something like this.


jeanine said...

I love the gospel art kit! We use it for simple FHE too! I love that you keep it out so that you can be reminded of what you learn.

Charles, Jessica, Cole & Juliet said...

I really like the idea of hanging it in a special place to remind you of what you learned. That's a great idea, and I think my kids would really respond to that. I know I have a kit around here somewhere.

Kensie said...


We are going on day 4 now and Lyna really responds well to having it hung up...we talk about it throughout the day and then when Daddy comes home, she loves getting to tell him what she learned. It is really working well so far!



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