Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Love these diapers...

As most of you know, we use cloth diapers at home, but I have found it difficult to use cloth when we are traveling (like now, we are staying at my mother's house for Thanksgiving). So, I decided to try G Diapers . These diapers are kind of in between cloth and disposable and the disposable part of the diaper is biodegradable (and flushable!), which is awesome! And I can use the G Diaper covers with my regular cloth diapers, another plus! We tried them on Noah last night and the fit is great...they also velco in the back so little hands can't undo their dipes! So, I will be using these while traveling and when we are out and about. I am so excited to have found them! Here are some pictures of Noah in his new dipes!!!



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