Sunday, June 10, 2007

Fun in the Sun- June 9th, 2007

We went to Grandpa Randy and Grandma Debbie's house to spend the day swimming and playing. Lyna is doing much better with the swimming pool lately and will even go in by herself as long as she has her life jacket and her "butterfly wings" (arm floaties) on. She does really well kicking and getting wherever she wants to go. She is not as brave as Randi Kay who will jump off the diving board, go down the slide, and her new favorite thing, "eureka cannonballs". She especially likes when Michael comes and swims because they continuously go off the diving board and down the slide. We had a lot of fun and afterward we went to Karly's dance recital, she did great.


Kathryn said...

Too bad Lyna has such a timid daddy.


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